Lavirinto3D 0.6.2

United the disintegrating Labyrinth


  • Faithful reproduction of Zenji
  • Variety of levels with differing levels of skill
  • Includes tutorials on each level


  • Can become very frustrating after just a few attempts


If you've got a soft spot for the Atari800XL then you'll surely remember Zenji, the labirynth mind bender that wasted many an hour.

Lavirinto3D is a classic remake of the game which involves joining the pipes of the labyrinth. The goal is to move around the labyrinth and transform it. When all fields of the labyrinth are connected, the level is completed and you can move onto the next level. Along the way, you have to deal with "monsters" that basically do the best they can to stop you.

Using a ball, you have to go through the maze slowly trying to unite all its parts, something that's not as simple as it sounds because other pipes and parts of the maze stand in it's way. Not that you really need one, but Lavirinto3D also includes a tutorial on each level which progressively get harder and harder.

With some classic Atari graphics and addictive gameplay, Lavirinto3D will appeal to all fans of Zenji, and maybe even a few who aren't.

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Lavirinto3D 0.6.2

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